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In my headcanon blog I transcribe a lot of headcanons about Wally West’s abusive childhood. In the comics it was retconned that his dad verbally abused him and it is also canon that he punched him on two instances (of course this infers there were other times). I never want to downplay that type of thing but the fans love making headcanons about how horribly he was tortured from the age of 3 and was sliced open with broken bottles. This kind of bothers me.

We went from the silver age Wally from having a normal family, to the 90s where he needed to have a gritty origin with a father who hit him, to all the fans describing how his father sliced him open with broken bottles.

Abuse is horrible enough without gore.

That being said as long as these fans follow my rules I will continue to post their headcanons.

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